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7th Meeting in EDIRNE

In this meeting our students did a show with clothes made of wasted materials and showing slogans about nature and the environment.

In a world where it is decreasing the amount of natural resources it is very important to understand that we have to take profit of all this things we have used and try to transform them in other goods without using new materials.

We have to preserve our environment because the health of our Earth is our health.

En aquesta trobada, els nostres estudiants van fer una representació amb roba feta de materials reciclats i mostrant eslògans sobre la natura i el medi ambient.

En un món on està mimbant la quantitat de recursos naturals és molt important entendre que hem d'aprofitar totes les coses que hem fet servir per intentar transformar-les en nous productes sense fer servir materials nous.

Hem de preservar el nostre entorn ja que la salut de la nostra Terra és la nostra salut.

Daniel Doncel (2nd ESO), David Cobos (3rd ESO), Christian Mendoza (3rd ESO) and Óscar Muñoz (4th ESO) were catalan students who went to Edirne with our teachers. They enjoyed doing the different activities and they were our representatives to plant a tree that is supossed it has to grow up with our best wishes, repressenting a new future for our planet and all its species.

Daniel Doncel (2n ESO), David Cobos (3r ESO), Christian Mendoza (3r ESO) i Óscar Muñoz (4t ESO) van ser els estudiants que van anar a Edirne amb els nostres professors. VAn gaudir de les diferents activitats i van ser els nostres representants encarregats de plantar un arbre que ha de crèixer amb els nostres millors dessitjos, representant un nou futur per al nostre planeta i totes les seves espècies.

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